Sandra Knight in 'Track of the Vampire'
Sandra Knight (1940 - )
Jack Nicholson
Tower of London (1962) [Mistress Shore]: Tortured to death by Vincent Price's men. She later appears to Vincent as a hallucination. (Thanks to Dignan)

The Terror (1963) [Helene/Baroness Ilse von Leppe]: "Ilse" is killed (off-screen) by Boris Karloff, several years before the story begins; she appears as a ghost throughout the movie. "Helene" rapidly ages to death after "Ilse's" spirit leaves her, as Jack Nicholson looks on in horror. (Thanks to Dignan and Indrico)

Track of the Vampire (Blood Bath) (1966) [Donna Allen]: Bitten on the throat by William Campbell on a carousel.

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