Sara Downing in 'Wishcraft'
Sara Downing (1979 - )
Roswell: Wipeout! (2000) [Courtney Banks]: Commits suicide by disintegrating herself, rather than inform the other aliens where the heroes are. (Thanks to Alex)

Wishcraft (2002) [Desiree]: Hanged from a lamppost. (Thanks to Aramond and Cathal)

Toolbox Murders (2004) [Saffron Kirby]: Shot repeatedly with a nailgun by Christopher Doyle in her apartment; she is shown pinned to the ceiling afterwards, and her body (an obvious special-effect dummy) is shown again later on, partially bisected in Christopher's lair when Angela Bettis discovers her. (Thanks to Matt)

Charmed: The Jung and the Restless (2006) [Mikelle]: Killed by Peter Wingfield; she later returns as a Whitelighter. (Thanks to Alex)
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