Sarah Lassez in 'The Blackout'
Sarah Lassez
The Blackout (1997) [Annie 2]: Strangled by the drug-crazed Matthew Modine while Dennis Hopper films it (not realizing they're not acting). The murder is shown in a black & white video playback afterwards when Dennis shows Matthew (who had no memory of the murder) what he did.

Nowhere (1997) [Egg]: Commits suicide (off-screen) in her bedroom, in an unspecified (but very bloody) method. Her body is shown lying on the floor afterwards when her father (David Leisure) discovers her.

Mad Cowgirl (2006) [Therese]: Commits suicide by stabbing herself in the stomach (off-screen); we last see her sitting a motorboat as the bloodstain forms on her dress. (Thanks to Fractal)
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