Sarah Wynter in 'Species II'
Sarah Wynter (1973 - )
Species II (1998) [Melissa]: Dies after giving birth to an alien creature (off-screen); her body is shown afterwards when Justin Lazard wakes up next to her and discovers that she's dead.

The 6th Day (2000) [Talia Elsworth]: Playing a clone who is duplicated repeatedly, she dies three times: (1) Accidentally shot in the throat with a laser when Rodney Rowland shoots at Arnold Schwarzenegger and hits her instead. This body is later shown lying in the lab/morgue when they clone her next body. (2) Gets her fingers shot off and is then pistol-whipped by Arnold. Although this wasn't fatal, the fact that she later returns with an undamaged hand suggests that this body was killed off-screen in order to be cloned. (3) Accidentally hanged when she falls and gets tangled in some tubes & wires while trying to kill Arnold. She doesn't come back from this one.

The Dead Zone: Broken Circle (2005) [Rebecca Caldwell]: Shot repeatedly by Secret Service agents after she shoots Sean Patrick Flanery, in Anthony Michael Hall's vision of the future; Anthony later prevents her death from occurring. (Thanks to Tony)
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