Shannen Doherty in 'Charmed: All Hell Breaks Loose'
Shannen Doherty (1971 - )
Ex-Mrs. Ashley Hamilton
Heathers (1989) [Heather Duke]: Appears as a corpse lying in a bathtub in Winona Ryder's dream sequence, although she survives the movie in reality. (I wasn't sure whether this "counts," but since it's been suggested...) (Thanks to Vicki)

Nowhere (1997) [Valley Chick #2]: Disintegrated, along with Traci Lords and Rose McGowan, with a ray-gun by an alien while they're sitting at a bus stop; we see the blast, followed by a shot of three smoldering retainers on the bench. (Thanks to Ro)

Charmed: The Fourth Sister (1998) [Prue Halliwell]: Burned to death when Danielle Harris hurls a magic fireball at her; shown in Alyssa Milano's vision of the future, which is later prevented. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: Which Prue Is It, Anyway? (1999) [Prue Halliwell]: Playing a triple role after she magically creates two duplicates of herself, the first duplicate (in the red sweater) is stabbed in the stomach with a crystal sword by Alex McArthur; her body is shown afterwards in the morgue when Ted King sees her. The second duplicate (in the blue sweater) is stabbed to death (off-screen) with the sword by Alex; the scene cuts from Alex approaching her to a scene of the real Shannen feeling the duplicate's death. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: Be Careful What You Witch For (2000) [Prue Halliwell]: Stabbed in the back by Marcus Graham; she is later brught back to life when French Stewart grants a wish to Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: Sight Unseen (2000) [Prue Halliwell]: Shot to death by Boti Bliss in the kitchen; shown in Alyssa Milano's vision of the future, which Holly Marie Combs manages to prevent from coming true. (Thanks to Ryoko)

Charmed: All Hell Breaks Loose (2001) [Prue Halliwell]: Blasted with a magical spell (along with Holly Marie Combs) and knocked through a wall by Michael Bailey Smith. The episode ended with Shannen and Holly lying unmoving on the ground, but it wasn't until the next season's opening episode Charmed Again Part 1 that it was confirmed that Shannen died and Holly survived. (Thanks to SG and Alex)
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