Shantel VanSanten in premonition of her death in 'The Final Destination'
Shantel VanSanten (1985 - )
The Final Destination (2009) [Lori Milligan]: Hit by a truck and neck snapped when the truck crashes through the wall of a cafe where she's sitting with Bobby Campo and Haley Webb. (At the moment the truck comes through the wall, the movie switches to a CGI X-ray view to show their exact injuries.) (In Bobby's initial premonition at the racetrack, she is burned to death, along with Mykelti Williamson, by a blast of flame. In Bobby's later premonition at the mall, she is mangled in the gears of a broken escalator as Bobby tries to pull her out. According to Wikipedia, the US Blu-Ray includes two alternate endings: In one version, Shantel and Haley are crushed to death by a falling air conditioner; in another, the mall/escalator scene is presented not as a premonition but as her "real" death.) (Thanks to Auber and Joshua)
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