Sharon Farrell in 'Lonely Hearts' (1991)
Sharon Farrell (1940 - )
Andrew Prine
Mrs. Dale Trevillion
Gunsmoke: With a Smile (1963) [Lottie Foy]: Shot in the back by James Best while she and Lindon Chiles are walking out of the saloon; she dies (off-screen) in Amanda Blake's arms while Dennis Weaver goes after James. (Thanks to John)

Mrs. Columbo: Falling Star (1979) [Dorothy Hunt]: Killed (off-screen) by David Rasche. (Thanks to Tom)

Out of the Blue (No Looking Back) (1980) [Kathy Barnes]: Killed in an explosion, along with her daughter (Linda Manz), when Linda ignites a stick of dynamite while sitting in an abandoned truck with Sharon.

Night of the Comet (1984) [Doris Belmont, the Girls' Stepmother]: Disintegrated by the comet, along with a crowd of other people; we see the crowd watching the comet pass, followed by a scene of empty clothes and red dust. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Lonely Hearts (1991) [Louise]: Accidentally slashed to death by broken glass when she falls through the shower door during a struggle with Eric Roberts.

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