Sharon Schaffer in 'Certain Fury'
Sharon Schaffer's impalement in 'Certain Fury'
Sharon Schaffer
Certain Fury (1985) [Gisela]: Impaled on the spikes of a gate when police try to pull her down as she's climbing over the gate; the scene cuts away after a close-up of the spikes coming out of her back.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) [Vampire]: Presumably stabbed in the chest with a wooden stake by Kristy Swanson. (I'm not certain which of the movie's many vampires was Sharon, or whether she had an on-screen death scene, but I'm assuming that she was killed.)

(Note: As a professional stunt performer, Sharon has probably "died" in place of several other actresses, though I don't know any specific examples.)
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