Sharon Stone in 'Total Recall'
Sharon Stone (1958 - )
Ex-Mrs. Phil Bronstein
Action Jackson (1988) [Patrice Dellaplane]: Shot in the chest by Craig T. Nelson in their bedroom. Her body is shown again afterwards when the police investigate in Carl Weathers' bedroom (where she had been planted as a frame-up). (Nudity alert: Topless)

Total Recall (1990) [Lori Quaid]: Shot in the head by Arnold Schwarzenegger when she pulls a gun on him.

Casino (1995) [Ginger McKenna Rothstein]: Dies of a heroin overdose (which had been deliberately "spiked" by hitmen); we see her after she takes the drugs when she staggers out into a hotel hallway, collapses and dies. (Thanks to Neda, Matthew, and Ioana)

Last Dance (1996) [Cindy Liggett]: Executed by lethal injection.

Picking Up the Pieces (2000) [Candy Cowley]: Killed and dismembered (off-screen) by Woody Allen, who then buries her body parts in the desert. Her severed hand is featured prominently throughout the movie when it's found in a small New Mexico town, where it begins healing people miraculously and gets mistaken for a holy relic. Her ghost also appears to Woody in a few scenes after her death.

Catwoman (2004) [Laurel Hedare]: Reportedly falls to her death from a tall building at the end of a fight with Halle Berry; her body rapidly ages in death. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Dick Hertz and Gary)
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