Shelley Cook
Buried Secrets (1996) [Ann Roff]: Pushed off of a cliff by Kelly Rutherford; the murder is shown in Tiffani Thiessen's dreams and visions. (Thanks to Drew)

Jerry and Tom (1998) [Vicki Torrance]: Burned to death (off-camera) after a hitman (Peter Pallotta) replaces a prop flamethrower with a real one on a movie set; we only see the flash of light and hear her scream after the camera pans away. Shown in a flashback when Ted Danson recounts what happened to her.

Diary of the Dead (2007) [Elderly Woman]: Shot to death, along with Ron Payne, by soldiers, after Ron and Shelley are found hiding their zombie family members. (She was made up to look older than she actually was for this role.)

(Note: As a professional stunt performer, Shelley has probably "died" in place of other actresses, though I don't know any specific examples.)
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Shelley Cook (with Ron Payne) in 'Diary of the Dead'