Shirley Anne Field in 'Horrors of the Black Museum'
Shirley Anne Field (1938 - )
Horrors of the Black Museum (Crime in the Museum of Horrors) (1959) [Angela Banks]: Reportedly stabbed to death by Graham Curnow (acting under Michael Gough's hypnotic control) while going through the Tunnel of Love. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to John)

Heyday (2004) [Iris]: Dies (off-screen), presumably of a heart attack, after seeing Kenny Lynch get killed testing their "time machine" on the grounds of the nursing home. We only see Kenny about to crash the machine, followed by a scene of a nurse rushing out with a horrified expression, followed by a scene of Kenny and Shirley Anne together in a ballroom-like afterlife. (This short film is not yet listed on the IMDB.)
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