Shirley MacLaine in 'Some Came Running'
Shirley MacLaine (1934 - )
Sister of
Warren Beatty
Some Came Running (1958) [Ginny Moorhead]: Shot in the back by Steven Peck in the street, when she runs in front of Frank Sinatra and takes the bullet for him.

The Children's Hour (The Loudest Whisper) (1961) [Martha Dobie]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by hanging herself in her room. We only see the shadow of her dangling feet afterwards when Audrey Hepburn discovers her.

The Evening Star (1996) [Aurora Greenway]: Dies of natural causes (a few months after having a heart attack), with her family gathered around her bedside. (Thanks to Jess)

Joan of Arc (1999) [Madame de Beaurevoir]: Dies in her sleep of old age/natural causes. (Thanks to Hamish)

Bernie (2011) [Marjorie Nugent]: Shot to death with a rifle by Jack Black; her body is shown afterwards when Brandon Smith and his deputies discover it in a freezer. (Thanks to Tim and Tommy)

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