Sinead Cusack (1948 - )
Daughter of
Cyril Cusack & Maureen Cusack
Sister of Catherine, Niamh &
Sorcha Cusack
Mrs. Jeremy Irons
No relation to
John & Joan Cusack
BBC Play of the Month: Trilby (1976) [Trilby]: Dies when Alan Badel's hypnotic powers cause her to die along with him. (See Marian Marsh in the 1931 Svengali.) (Thanks to Gordon)

Tales from Hollywood (1992) [Nelly Man]: Commits suicide by taking a drug overdose. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Cement Garden (1993) [Mother]: Dies (off-screen) of an unspecified illness. Her body is shown afterwards when her children discover her lying in bed the next morning, and again when they bury her in the basement to conceal her death and keep from being put in foster care.

Uncovered (1994) [Menchu]: Stabbed in the neck (off-screen) by John Wood in Kate Beckinsale's kitchen; her body is shown afterwards when Kate and Paudge Behan discover her. (Thanks to Big O and Eric)

V for Vendetta (2005) [Delia Surridge]: Injected with poison (off-screen) by Hugo Weaving while she's asleep; she dies a short time after waking up, while talking with Hugo. Her body is shown again afterwards when Stephen Rea discovers her the next morning. (Thanks to Brandon)
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Sinead Cusack in 'Uncovered'