Sonya Salomaa in 'The Tooth Fairy'
Sonya Salomaa
House of the Dead (2003) [Cynthia]: Killed by zombies in the tent. She later comes back to life as a zombie, and is shot in the head by Ellie Cornell. (Thanks to Bryt)

A Lover's Revenge (2005) [Ashley]: Smothered with a pillow by William R. Moses. (Thanks to Utonium)

The Tooth Fairy (2006) [Cherise]: Hacked to death and disemboweled with an axe by the Tooth Fairy after he pins her to the wall with a nailgun; her body is shown again later on when the others kick down the door and discover her. (Thanks to Bloodtys)

Malibu Shark Attack (2009) [Barb]: Eaten by a shark after it bursts through the floor of the lifeguard hut and grabs her. (Thanks to Stephen)

Watchmen (2009) [Adrian Veidt's Assistant]: Shot in the leg by Douglas Chapman during Douglas' assassination attempt on Matthew Goode in Matthew's office; although the shooting appears to be non-fatal, I'm listing it just in case because it has been suggested to me. (The character was indeed killed in the original story.) (Thanks to Tommy)
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