Sprague Grayden (1980 - )
Joan of Arcadia: Friday Night (2004) [Judith Montgomery]: Stabbed repeatedly by a drug dealer; she dies in the hospital some time later, with Amber Tamblyn by her bedside. (She appeared as a spirit to Amber in two subsequent episodes.) (Thanks to Paige)

Sons of Anarchy: The Sleep of Babies (2008) [Donna Lerner]: Shot in the head by Kim Coates (who had mistaken her for Ryan Hurst) while she's sitting in a truck. (Thanks to James and Dick Hertz)

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) [Kristi Rey]: Thrown against a wall with great force by the possessed Katie Featherston. (Thanks to Tommy)

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Sprague Grayden in 'Sons of Anarchy: The Sleep of Babies'