Stephanie Zimbalist in 'Voices from Within'
Stephanie Zimbalist (1956 - )
Granddaughter of Efrem Zimbalist
(violinist) and Alma Gluck
(opera singer)
Centennial (1978) [Elly Zendt]: Bitten on the neck by a ratlesnake while cooking by the campfire. She dies in Richard Chamberlain's arms as he unsuccessfully attempts to save her. (Thanks to Dan)

Remington Steele: Dreams of Steele (1984) [Laura Holt]: Falls to her death from a balcony during a struggle with Judith Light, in Pierce Brosnan's dream sequence. (She survives the episode in reality, of course.) (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Voices from Within (Silhouette) (1994) [Ann Parkhurst]: Shot to death by a hitman while sitting in her car; we only see the driver's-side window shatter when the shot is fired. Her body is shown afterwards on a stretcher while Ken Pogue investigates at the crime scene, and again in the morgue when Winston Rekert comes to identify her.
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Daughter of Efrem Zimbalist Jr.