Susan Backlinie in publicity photo from 'Jaws'
Susan Backlinie (1946 - )
Jaws (1975) [Christine 'Chrissie' Watkins]: Partially eaten by the shark while she's swimming in the ocean at night; some body parts are shown afterwards when Jeffrey Kramer discovers them washed up on the beach, and again later on while Richard Dreyfuss examines her. (Nudity alert: Topless & rear) (Thanks to Liz, Jim, Slade, Joseph, and Cody)

Day of the Animals (Something Is Out There) (1977) [Mandy Young]: Killed by a flock of birds.

(Note: The IMDB currently lists Susan as having an uncredited "Victim" role in
Grizzly (1976); however, the discussion on her IMDB message board indicates that she was not in that film at all. This confusion may be due to the fact that Grizzly and Day of the Animals share many of the same cast and crew. Additionally, all the female victims in Grizzly--Mary Ann Hearn, Catherine Rickman, Vicki Johnson, Sandra Dorsey, and Susan Orpin--are accounted for.)
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