Susan George in 'Venom'
Susan George (1950 - )
Mrs. Simon MacCorkindale
The Sorcerers (1967) [Audrey]: Reportedly stabbed in the stomach by Ian Ogilvy, who is under the mind-control of Boris Karloff's wife.

Dracula (Mystery and Imagination: Dracula) (1968) [Lucy Westenra]: Presumably bitten on the throat by Denholm Elliott. (I haven't seen this version, but I know the character's fate from other versions of the story.)

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry
(1974) [Mary Coombs]: Killed in a car crash, along with Peter Fonda, at the end of the movie.  We only see the wreckage, not the bodies.

The House Where Evil Dwells (1982) [Laura]: Stabbed in the stomach with a katana sword by Edward Albert. (Thanks to lecblue)

Venom (1982) [Louise]: Bitten on the face by a black mamba snake, she dies writhing in agony shortly afterwards.

Jack the Ripper (1988) [Catherine 'Kate' Eddowes]: Throat slit by Jack the Ripper. (I haven't seen this version, so I don't know whether her death is depicted on-screen or not.)
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