Suzanne Pleshette in 'The Birds'
Suzanne Pleshette (1937 - 2008)
Troy Donahue
Mrs. Tom Poston
Cousin of John Pleshette
One Step Beyond: Delusion (1959) [Marta Wizinski]: Killed (off-screen) by Norman Lloyd as she tries to leave his house; the scene ends with Norman grabbing her by the throat, followed by a scene of host/narrator John Newland confirming her death. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Birds (1963) [Annie Hayworth]: Pecked and clawed to death by birds (off-screen) on her porch steps. Her body is shown afterwards when Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren discover her. (Thanks to Mac & Phil)

Nevada Smith (1966) [Pilar, the Kiowa Girl]: Bitten by a snake in the swamp; she dies some time later as she and Steve McQueen make their way through the swamp. (Thanks to Dick Hertz, Tony and Bruce)

The Invaders: The Mutation (1967) [Vikki, an Invader]: Shot; her body disintegrates after her death. (Thanks to acerimer)

The Invaders: The Pursued (1968) [Anne Gibbs]: Shot in the back by Will Geer; her body disintegrates after her death. (Thanks to Garrett and Terry)

River of Gold (1971) [Anna]: Stabbed in the stomach by an old lady while walking down the street. (Thanks to Templar & Tendrill)

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998; animated) [Zira]: Providing the voice of a lioness, she drowns after falling off of a cliff into the river, despite the efforts of her daughter (voiced by Neve Campbell) to pull her up. (Thanks to Neil)
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