Suzy Kendall in 'Spasmo'
Suzy Kendall (1944 - )
Ex-Mrs. Dudley Moore
Fraulein Doktor (1969) [Fraulein Doktor]: Executed by a firing squad. (Thanks to Zoran)

Darker Than Amber (1970) [Vangie Bellemer/Merrimay Lane]: Playing a dual role, "Vangie" is killed by Robert Phillips and William Smith, who make it look like a hit-and-run car accident. Her body is shown afterwards in the morgue when Rod Taylor identifies her. ("Merrimay" survives the movie.)

Tales That Witness Madness (1973) [Ann/Beatrice]: Playing a dual role in two different time periods, "Ann" is stabbed in the back when Frank Forsyth's ghost levitates a dagger and sends it flying at her; "Beatrice" presumably dies at some point between the "past" and "present" scenes.

Craze (Demon Master; The Infernal Idol) (1974) [Sally]: Strangled by Jack Palance in her apartment; her body is shown again afterwards when her roommate discovers her. (Thanks to Eric)

Spasmo (The Death Dealer) (1974) [Barbara]: Strangled by Robert Hoffmann in her bedroom. (Thanks to Johan)
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