Sybil Thorndike before her off-screen death in 'Shake Hands with the Devil'
Sybil Thorndike (1882 - 1976)
Sister of Russell Thorndike
Mrs. Lewis Casson
Mother of Christopher Casson and Ann Casson
Esmerelda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) (1922) [Esmerelda]: Presumably executed by hanging. (I haven't seen this or any of the following silent films, so I don't know how closely they followed the original literary sources; they may have only been highlights of the stories rather than complete adaptations.)

The Lady of the Camellias (1922) [Marguerite Gautier]: Presumably dies of tuberculosis in Ward McAllister's arms.

Macbeth (1922) [Lady Macbeth]: Presumably commits suicide.

Tense Moments from Great Plays (1922) [Various Characters]: This was a compilation of scenes from the above-mentioned films and several other classical adaptations starring Sybil, so it may or may not have contained the death scenes (if any) from the other films.

Dawn (1928) [Nurse Edith Cavell]: Presumably executed by a German firing squad. (I haven't seen this, as the sole surviving copy is only available to film scholars at the British Film Institute, but I'm familiar with the historic facts.)

Shake Hands with the Devil (1959) [Lady Fitzhugh]: Dies (off-screen) of starvation while on a hunger strike in prison; we learn of her death afterwards when a telegraph message arrives at the IRA hideout.
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