Sylvia Syms in 'Asylum'
Sylvia Syms' severed head in 'Asylum'
Sylvia Syms (1934 - )
Not to be confused with the cabaret singer of the same name
The Desperados (1969) [Laura Galt]: Trampled by Jack Palance's horse; she dies in Vince Edwards' arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Gordon)

Asylum (The House of Crazies) (1972) [Ruth]: Hacked to death with an axe by Richard Todd; we only see her hand clutching at the freezer during the murder.  Her dismembered body parts (all wrapped in brown paper) later come back to life and attack both Richard and Barbara Parkins.

Marple: Murder Is Easy (2008) [Lavinia Pinkerton]: Pushed down an escalator by Shirley Henderson at Victoria Station. (Thanks to Brian)

Collision (2009) [Joyce Thompson]: Head bashed against the dashboard by Philip Davis following a car accident (in an attempt to make it look as though she was killed in the crash). (Thanks to Brian)

Rev: Episode 2.6 (2011) [Joan]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes in the nursing home; we learn of her death when Tom Hollander comes to visit her and is informed of her death. (Thanks to Brian)
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