Tabrett Bethell in 'Legend of the Seeker: Hunger'
Tabrett Bethell (1982 - )
Legend of the Seeker: Perdition (2010) [Cara]: Stabbed in the back by Bridget Regan during a battle, in Craig Horner's vision. (She survives the episode in reality.) (Thanks to Fleming)

Legend of the Seeker: Hunger (2010) [Cara]: Throat slit by an enemy soldier during a battle; she is brought back to life after making a bargain with the keeper of the underworld and drinking from a sacred pool. (Thanks to Fleming)

Legend of the Seeker: Unbroken (2010) [Cara]: Shot in the chest with arrows after being tied to a tree, in an alternate timeline. Her death is prevented when the proper timeline is restored. (Thanks to Fleming)

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