Tania Raymonde in 'Texas Chainsaw'
Tania Raymonde (1988 - )
Lost: The Shape of Things to Come (2008) [Alex Rousseau]: Shot in the head by Kevin Durand, as her father (Michael Emerson) looks on in horror. (Thanks to Melissa and Abby)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Revolution (2009) [Shelley Smith a.k.a. Birgit Kaspers]: Shot in the head by a sniper as she attempts to surrender to Jeff Goldblum, after she had taken several hostages and threatened to set off a bomb. (Thanks to Ragamount)

Texas Chainsaw (Texas Chainsaw 3D) (2013) [Nikki]: Accidentally shot in the head by James MacDonald when she startles him by suddenly sitting up after James opens the freezer where Dan Yeager had placed her. (Thanks to Tommy, Tim, and ND)

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