Tanya Allen in 'Silent Hill'
Tanya Allen (1975 - )
Starhunter 2300 (I don't know the exact episode) (2003 or 2004) [Percy Montana]: Killed (I don't know how); her body is shown afterwards when Clive Robertson discovers her. She is brought back to life later in the episode. (Thanks to Matt)

Silent Hill (2006) [Anna]: Skinned alive by the Pyramid-Head demon (Roberto Campanella) outside the church, when it grabs her by the chest and rips off all her skin in a single movement, while Laurie Holden and Radha Mitchell look on in horror. (Nudity alert: Pseudo-topless; the scene was accomplished by combining Tanya's head with a special-effects dummy body with removable skin, and it's the dummy's breasts that are shown.) (Thanks to TravellingMan, David, and Matt)
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