Tatiana Maslany (1985 - )
Diary of the Dead (2007) [Mary Dexter]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the head after running over some zombies (thinking she's killed living human beings); she dies in the hospital shortly afterwards, then comes back to life as a zombie. She dies once again when Scott Wentworth shoots her in the head.

The Messengers (2007) [Lindsay Rollins]: Stabbed with a pitchfork (off-screen) by John Corbett, after he knocks her over the staircase railing and drags her away. She appears as a ghost periodically throughout the rest of the movie. (Thanks to ND)

Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming (2007) [Sammi]: Killed in a car accident; she appears as a ghost to Rob Lowe afterwards. (Thanks to Stephen)
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Tatiana Maslany in 'Diary of the Dead'