Teresa Velazquez in 'The Killer Must Kill Again'
Teresa Velazquez (1942 - 1998)
a.k.a. Tere Velazquez
Daughter of Victor Velazquez
Sister of
Lorena Velazquez
Ex-Mrs. Espartaco Santoni
Mrs. Carlos Vasallo
The Night of a Thousand Cats (La Noche de los mil gatos) (1972) [Woman Who Shoots Doves]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by Gerardo Zepeda; the scene cuts away when Gerardo corners her after chasing her through the garden. Her body is shown afterwards when Gerardo carries her to Hugo Stiglitz.

The Killer Must Kill Again (L'Assassino e costretto ad uccire ancora; The Dark Is Death's Friend; The Killer Must Strike Again) (1975) [Norma Mainardi]: Strangled with a stocking by Antoine Saint-John, who then carries her body out to the trunk of his car. The murder is intercut with brief clips of George Hilton at a party, giving himself an alibi. (Thanks to G-Man)
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