Teri Hatcher in 'Tomorrow Never Dies'
Teri Hatcher (1964 - )
Ex-Mrs. Jon Tenney
The Cool Surface (1994) [Dani Payson]: Stabbed (off-camera) by Robert Patrick; we only hear, rather than see, the stabbing. Her body (just her face, actually) is shown afterwards as he packs her body in a trunk.

Lois & Clark: And the Answer Is... (1995) [Lois Lane]: Temporarily frozen to death when Dean Cain uses his super-breath on her, in order to make Maurice Godin believe she's dead. Dean later uses his powers to revive her. (Thanks to Neil)

Heaven's Prisoners (1996) [Claudette Rocque]: Shot three times in the chest by Eric Roberts.

Lois & Clark: Seconds (1996) [Lois Lane/Lois' Clone]: Playing a dual role as the original "Lois" and her clone, the clone is blasted by John Shea's molecular-disruptor ray during a struggle with John; she dies shortly afterwards while talking to Dean Cain. (The original "Lois" survives the episode.) (Thanks to Neil)

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) [Paris Carver]: Strangled (off-screen) by Vincent Schiavelli in her hotel room; her body is shown afterwards when Pierce Brosnan discovers her. (Thanks to Tina)

Coraline (2009; animated) [Mother/Other Mother]: Playing a dual role in the two realms, the "Other Mother" presumably dies (off-screen) after failing to capture the life-force from Coraline (voiced by Dakota Fanning). ("Mother" survives the movie.) (Thanks to Tommy)
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