Tippi Hedren in 'Heroes Die Hard'
Tippi Hedren (1930 - )
Mother of
Melanie Griffith
Heroes Die Hard (Mister Kingstreet's War) (1973) [Maggie Kingstreet]: Shot repeatedly by Italian soldiers while she's running towards John Saxon at their animal reserve. (Thanks to Bill)

DarkWolf (2003) [Mary]: Slashed across the chest (off-screen) by the werewolf in an alley; she dies shortly afterwards while talking to Ryan Alosio as he kneels by her side.

Raising Hope: Not Indecent, But Not Quite Decent Enough Proposal (2012) [Nana]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes, shortly before the episode begins; the episode begins with her funeral, and she only appears in a video recording that is played. (Thanks to Andrew)

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