Tracy Reed in 'The Deadly Females'
Tracy Reed (1942 - 2012)
Not to be confused with the American actress Tracy Reed
Granddaughter of
Fay Compton and H.G. Pelissier
Daughter of Penelope Dudley-Ward and Anthony Pelissier
Stepdaughter of Carol Reed
Cousin (by marriage) of
Oliver Reed
Ex-Mrs. Edward Fox
Ex-Mrs. Neil Hallett
Ex-Mrs. Bill Simpson
Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) [Miss Scott]: Killed in a nuclear holocaust (along with everybody else in the world) when the Soviets' doomsday device is activated. (Tracy had only appeared in one scene early in the movie and was not present during the final scene, but since the entire world is destroyed, I'll go ahead and list this for her.)

The Deadly Females (1976) [Joan]: Poisoned (off-screen) when she smokes a poisoned cigarette that Rula Lenska had given her. The scene ends as Rula offers her the cigarette in the elevator; her body is shown afterwards when an elderly couple get on the elevator and discover her.
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