Tuesday Weld in 'Feeling Minnesota'
Tuesday Weld (1943 - )
Ex-Mrs. Dudley Moore
Ex-Mrs. Pinchas Zukerman
Cimarron Strip: Heller (1968) [Heller]: Reportedly shot in the back when she runs in front of Stuart Whitman and takes the bullet for him; she dies in Stuart's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Anonymous)

A Safe Place (1971) [Susan a.k.a. Noah]: Possibly commits suicide by poison or overdose in the bathtub. We see her drinking in the bath and appearing to fall asleep, intercut with shots of Philip Proctor looking up at the sky and calling her name (she had earlier told him that she believed she could fly as a child). This would seem to indicate suicide, but the movie's non-linear/symbolic nature makes it difficult to be certain.

Feeling Minnesota (1996) [Nora Clayton]: Dies of a heart attack (off-camera) at the wedding of her son (Vincent D'Onofrio); her body is shown afterwards when her other son (Keanu Reeves) hears the commotion and rushes over.
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