Uschi Glas in 'Der Kommissar: Ein Maedchen nachts auf der Strasse'
Uschi Glas (1944 - )
a.k.a. Ursula Glas
Ex-Mrs. Bernhard Tewaag
Mother of Ben, Alex, and Julia Tewaag
Der Kommissar: Ein Maedchen nachts auf der Strasse (1973) [Inge Sobach]: Strangled (off-camera) by Inge Birkmann in Uschi's apartment; we only hear the sounds of the struggle through the closed door. Her body is shown afterwards lying on the bed early in the episode; the murder is shown (or rather heard) in a flashback later on. (Thanks to The Midnight Club)

Derrick: Angst (1976) [Irene Kronach]: Strangled by Hans Dieter Zeidler. (Thanks to The Midnight Club)
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