Valerie Gaunt in 'Horror of Dracula'
Valerie Gaunt's stand-in in 'Horror of Dracula'
Valerie Gaunt (1933 - )
The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) [Justine]: Killed (off-screen, presumably either strangled or beaten to death) by the monster (Christopher Lee) after Peter Cushing locks her in the laboratory with it. We only hear her screams from the other side of the door; her body is not shown afterwards.

Horror of Dracula (Dracula) (1958) [Vampire Woman]: Stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake by John Van Eyssen as she lies in her coffin. After death, her body ages rapidly. (An older actress was used to "double" for her corpse, rather than a make-up job on Valerie.) Her body is shown again later on when Peter Cushing arrives at the castle and discovers her. (Thanks to Peter)
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