Vera Miles in 'Psycho II'
Vera Miles (1929 - )
Ex-Mrs. Gordon Scott
Ex-Mrs. Keith Larsen
The Charge at Feather River (1953) [Jennie McKeever]: Commits suicide by jumping from a cliff. (Thanks to Gordon)

5 Branded Women (1960) [Daniza]: Executed, along with Harry Guardino, by a firing squad. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Man from UNCLE: The Bridge of Lions Affair Part 2 (1966) [Madame De Sala]: Shot to death. (Thanks to Dave)

One of Our Spies Is Missing (1966) [Madame De Sala]: Shot to death. (This was a theatrical feature edited from the two-part episode The Bridge of Lions Affair.) (Thanks to Dave)

Psycho II (1983) [Lila Loomis]: Stabbed in the mouth by Claudia Bryar in the cellar; her body is shown again afterwards when Anthony Perkins dislodges the coal she was hidden under. (Thanks to Neceros and Francesco)
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