Victoria Tennant in 'Flowers in the Attic'
Victoria Tennant dead in 'Flowers in the Attic'
Victoria Tennant (1950 - )
Daughter of Irina Baronova
Ex-Mrs. Matthew Chapman
Steve Martin
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The Case of the Speckled Band (1980) [Julia Stoner]: Bitten by a venomous snake that had been let into her bedroom through a secret passage. (I haven't seen this episode, but I'm familiar with the original story.)

Inseminoid (Horror Planet) (1981) [Barbra]: I can't recall the details of her death, but I remember that everybody dies in this movie.

Flowers in the Attic (1987) [Mother, Corrine Dollanganger]: Accidentally hanged when she falls over a balcony and gets her bridal veil tangled in the trellis below, after backing away from her daughter (Kristy Swanson).
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