Fallen Angels: The Quiet Room (1993) [Jeannie Streeter]: Neck accidentally snapped (off-screen) during a struggle with Bonnie Bedelia in the interrogation room. Nothing is shown of the struggle; we only hear Bonnie telling Joe Mantegna about the incident afterwards. Her body is later shown in the morgue when Bonnie and Joe go to fill out the paperwork. (This episode is available on the videotape Fallen Angels Volume Two.)

The Weight of Water (2000) [Anethe Christenson]: Hit on the head with an axe by Sarah Polley outside the farmhouse; Sarah then drags her body into the house. Her body is shown afterwards (along with Katrin Cartlidge's) when Anders W. Berthelsen discovers them at the beginning of the movie; the murder itself is finally shown in a flashback towards the end. (There is also a black & white sequence during Sarah's testimony, depicting the murders as being committed by Ciaran Hinds.) (Thanks to Palepoli)

The Hills Have Eyes (2006) [Lynn]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Robert Joy after she stabs him in the leg with a screwdriver; she dies shortly after Aaron Stafford rushes into the trailer. (Thanks to Robert, Nick, Traveling Man, and Eric)
Vinessa Shaw (1976 - )
Daughter of Susan Damante
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Vinessa Shaw in 'The Weight of Water'