Virginia Grey in 'Target: Earth'
Virginia Grey (1917 - 2004)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927) [Little Eva St. Claire]: Dies of an unspecified illness, with her family members and the slaves gathered by her bedside; her spirit is shown leaving her body and being taken to Heaven by two angels. (Thanks to Stephen)

Highway 301 (The Big Stickup) (1950) [Mary Simms]: Shot to death by Steve Cochran. (Thanks to Newbie)

The Fighting Lawman (1953) [Raquel Jackson]: Shot to death by Harry Lauter as she tries to ride off with the money; her body is shown again afterwards as Wayne Morris stands over her and delivers a monologue. (Thanks to Troy)

Target Earth (1954) [Vicki Harris]: Shot twice in the chest or stomach (we don't see exactly where she's hit) by Robert Roark as she approaches him. (Thanks to Eugene and Big O)

Black Zoo (1963) [Jenny]: Killed by a gorilla (George Barrows in an ape suit) in her garage. (Thanks to Neceros)
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