Yvette Mimieux in 'Hit Lady'
Yvette Mimieux (1942 - )
Ex-Mrs. Stanley Donen
One Step Beyond: The Clown (1960) [Nonnie Regan]: Accidentally stabbed with a pair of scissors during a struggle between Mickey Shaughnessy and Christopher Dark. (Thanks to Crimson Ghost and Big O)

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962) [Chi Chi Desnoyers]: Tortured to death (off-screen) by the Gestapo; we learn of her death afterwards when Paul Lukas informs Charles Boyer. (Thanks to Gordon)

Dr. Kildare: Tyger, Tyger: Part 2 (1964) [Pat Holmes]: Drowned when she has an epileptic seizure while surfing; Richard Chamberlain swims out in a rescue attempt and brings her body back to shore. (Thanks to Ezeckial and Serfcity)

Death Takes a Holiday (1971) [Peggy Chapman]: Accidentally drowned at the beach; her body is shown washed up on shore afterwards. (Thanks to Robert)

Hit Lady (1974) [Angela de Vries]: Shot in the back by Dack Rambo while she tries to run away from him on the beach.
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