Yvonne Scio in 'Layover'
Yvonne Scio
Tonight at Alice's (Stasera a casa di Alice) (1990) [Valentina]: Commits suicide by drowning herself in the ocean. (Thanks to Andrea)

Redline (Armageddon; Deathline) (1997) [Marina K./Katya]: Playing a dual role, "Katya" is shot in the back by Mark Dacascos in a field, after he shoots Rutger Hauer; her body is then burned by members of the secret police. ("Marina K." survives the movie.)

Layover (2001) [Vickie Dennis]: Shot in the stomach by Gregg Henry in a hotel room while David Hasselhoff looks on in shock; she staggers out into the hallway, where Gregg finishes her off with another shot to the stomach. (Thanks to G-Man)
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