Zasu Pitts (with Marie Prevost) in 'War Nurse'
Zasu Pitts (1894 - 1963)
a.k.a. ZaSu Pitts
Ex-Mrs. Tom Gallery
Greed (1924) [Trina]: Beaten to death (off-screen) by Gibson Gowland in the empty school building; we only see him pursue her into the other room. A scene of her body being discovered the next morning was cut from the original release (and the footage is lost); the scene has been re-created through still photos in the "restored" version that has aired on the Turner Classic Movies network.

Sins of the Fathers (1928) [Mother Spengler]: Dies of exhaustion/overwork, compounded by heartbreak over Emil Jannings' affair with Ruth Chatterton. (This film is believed lost, although some footage survives.)

War Nurse (1930) [Cushie]: Killed by falling rubble when the hospital is bombed; her body is shown afterwards when Marie Prevost rushes to her side.
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