Zhang Ziyi in 'Rush Hour 2'
Zhang Ziyi (1979 - )
a.k.a. Ziyi Zhang
(the surname Zhang traditionally preceds the given
Zhang Ziyi's death in 'Rush Hour 2'
Touching Starlight (Xing xing dian deng) (1995) [Chen Wei]: Dies of cancer. (Thanks to Chris)

Rush Hour 2 (2001) [Hu Li]: Killed in an explosion when she sets off a bomb in an attempt to kill Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. (Jackie and Chris survive by jumping out of the window, but Zhang does not escape.)

Hero (Ying xiong) (2002) [Moon]: Killed by Maggie Cheung in a swordfight; however, this sequence turns out to be a false report of the events, and it's revealed that she wasn't killed after all. (Thanks to Vince)

Purple Butterfly (Zi hudie) (2003) [Ding Hui]: Shot in the chest. (Thanks to Chris)

House of Flying Daggers (Shi mian mai fu) (2004) [Mei]: Stabbed in the heart; she dies after she removes the dagger from her chest. (Thanks to R)

The Banquet (Ye yan) (2006) [Empress Wan]: Stabbed in the back when an unseen assailant throws a dagger at her. (The film doesn't actually reveal who killed her, leading to much speculation and debate among viewers.) (Thanks to Bonepile)
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